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Healthy Huskies

Healthy Huskies has an updated mission! We are looking to not only continue Walk and Ride your bike to School Day, the Healthy Husky Health fair but also implement new and exciting healthy habits for our children’s mind, body and spirit in their every day life at Harlan and teach them to continue these habits outside of school!

We live a world of information. The Healthy Husky committee is committed to implement modern health education and get our kids ahead of the game to live a healthy life style!

This year we will begin to investigate what healthy options we are providing our children in our cafeteria. We are looking closer at the nutritional value of the foods offered, removing foods that are harmful to our children’s health and to add new kid friendly healthy options to our menu.

In addition to exploring healthy food options; we are looking at fun indoor recess activities that will promote mind, body and spirit! Some examples are short yoga sessions, movement activities to get the wiggles out! And even incorporating some laughing exercises to keep our children’s moods lifted during the Michigan days that can be little dark and gloomy!

Our health fair this year will not only promote outside activities offered in our community but also display alternative medicine methods and options to our health whether it is mentally or physically. Our goal is to help keep our kids feeling good, inside and out.   More detail to follow through backpacks, Facebook, Happenings and eNews.

Moving forward we will brain storm on how to implement education about organic foods, the harmful effects of pesticides and GMOs in our foods.

The Healthy Huskie committee is excited to move forward with updating the way we think about Health. We have the information and tools to promote health to our children at our fingertips! Now is the time to educate and learn more about what we can do to provide a longer healthier life for years to come.

If you would like to be a part of our Healthy Husky team please contact Kristen Croft at kwcroft76@gmail.com. We are looking to grow our team with parents who share the same enthusiasm we have on supporting our children’s health as they grow!